Friday, March 6, 2009

Tummy aches

Last night Mr. Amazing and I started watching a movie. A few minutes into it I noticed some odd but familiar behavior from him. He gets very quiet, speaks very little, and seems completely uninterested in the movie. He feels sick...upset stomach. I send him up to bed. It is rare that we don't go to bed at the same time. It was something he insisted on in the very beginning of our marriage, and I was more than happy to go along with the suggestion. When someone goes to bed at 8:45 we are a little more flexible. Well, I went to bed at 11:00 ( which is way past my bedtime) with the hopes of getting up at 5:30 to workout. Around 2:45 Ian came into our room saying that he threw up in his pillow and proceeded to throw up in our room. I rushed him downstairs and he threw up some more. He was not happy! This is only the second time in his 6 1/2 years that he has thrown up. I set him up in the guest room with a bucket and I clean things up. I crawl into bed with him and probably 30 minutes later he throws up again in bed. Into the bathroom we go again. I take him back to his room, clean up, and crawl into bed. Around 7:30 he comes into our room and asks if he can play Lego star wars on the wii. We get Katie off to school. Ian's been his p.j.'s all day, laying around and watching scooby doo. Every hour or so he asks me if it is 3:00 (that's when he can start playing the wii). He seems better, and so does Mr. Amazing. Must have been some 24 hour bug. Needless to say I did not work out this morning.

Have a great weekend friends! Stay healthy!



shana said...

We've {ALMOST} always gone to be at the same time too . . . and Jacob is sick today too, but not puking, just a fever! Weird! Enjoy your weekend. STAY HEALTHY!

Buckman Family said...

Hope you guys get better soon. xoxo

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