Thursday, March 12, 2009

A few things...

If you could see me now you would laugh, and say that's "classic Rachel". I am in our guest room sitting on the bed surrounded by piles of cookbooks and cooking magazines. I'm working on next weeks menu/grocery list. I like to plan out seven meals for the week, and I'm stuck on the last meal...the most important night! UGH!!!! Mr. amazing suggested fish, we had fish last week, pork tenderloin, not in the mood. I know I'm being difficult. How about Lemon Meringue ice cream pie in toasted pecan crust, or devil's food cake. I told you I was being difficult. I'm going to take a break from all of that and clear my head. It will all come together it always does. :)

I was on the Pioneer woman's blog the other day and she had all these ladies over to learn how to make cake pops from the cake pop queen Bakerella Anyways two of these ladies have a t-shirt business. Really, super cute t-shirts! I would wear one of these t-shirts. These are not frumpy mom t-shirts. The best part about these t-shirts is that they have Bible verses on the back of them. They are really cool...I think I need to get one for myself. If you click on the button that is on the top left, the one that says God is good, it will take you right to their sight. Very cool...check it out. I like the one that says rooted.

For your listening pleasure...I have added a little background music, something soft and soothing. Something you would hear if I invited you over to lunch. We would chat, and have tea, and something yummy for dessert. No boys allowed...or there would be loud annoying music play. :) Let me know your thoughts on the music. I'm not a fan of going to people's blogs and hearing a song usually. I find it distracting. I did visit a blog the other day and she just had instrumental...I thought it was nice. If you scroll all the way down, you can actually see my "playlist".

I'm not sure what to say about this last bit. Over the last few weeks the ladybug has told us about a few different boys expressing their affection for her. We have been gathering this by comments she has made, even though she is pretty clueless. One boy wrote in his notebook that he liked her because she is cute and nice. One boy said she was the class "hottie". My goodness, these children are 11 years old. Brian said he needed to get a gun, not a big gun, just a small one. :) Pleaaase!! You don't need a gun have me. I remember this type of stuff happening when I was in 5th grade, I guess it kind of snuck up on us. She has a good attitude about all of it she thinks it's funny and weird. She is pretty open and honest with us, which I think it good. She rather just play football with them. Yes, you heard me right, football! Now for those of you who know our Katie you know that she is quite petite in height and build. Apparently she's a fast runner though. They ask her to play...she is the only girl that plays. I don't know much about football, but I do know that the person catching the ball I think they are called the receiver, their the ones getting chased and tackled. Yes...that would be the position Katie plays. She assured me that they don't play tackle when she plays, just touch football. She made two touchdowns today. Great. I always wanted well-rounded children. Can't we just stick with the ballet Katie. :)

Well I better get back to my piles here. Hopefully I will be inspired soon! Have a great weekend!


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