Monday, March 9, 2009

Lovely locks

It is so quiet here. In the darkness of our room Mr. amazing kissed me and wished me well today. I can hear the birds chirping outside our window. Spring must be on it's way soon. The children are sleeping. Oh, one just woke up. So much for the quiet. There is no school today. Teacher's are busily preparing for conferences. I have a full day planned for my two.

When Katie arrived home on Friday I rushed her upstairs to take photos. She has such pretty hair, but it has been a thorn in both of our sides lately. It was decided that we would get it cut today. I wanted to document what she looked like with it longer at this age. This is what we got.

After looking through the photos Katie said my hair looks like chocolate. Yes...a chocolate river with caramel streams running through it.


1 comment:

Vivi said...

Ohhhh, we battle the hair too and "ours" isn't half as long or pretty as Katie's hair! I threaten at least once a week to shave her head.

It will be fun to see the new cut!

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