Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A little rambling...and a bit of encouragement

Hi Friends~

I have been busy, busy reading these past few days! I looove our library and it's system here. We spend quite a bit of time there, and I frequently request books for our little family. It seems whenever I request "best sellers" I get them at the same time. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it just means I need to hurry up and read. Whenever you request something that is popular you only get it for two weeks. Basically this means that I have 14 days to read over 1,000 pages. If the blogging seems somewhat sparse in the next couple of weeks that's why.

I will definitely post after date night this week. Yes...that's right I said date night this week! As the sun's rays were peeking their way into our bedroom on Saturday morning. Mr. Amazing leaned over and said "I miss date night". I know...I miss it too, love. I love waking up in his arms.

You might have noticed a few additions over here. I will be adding a few other little things in the next few weeks.

This past Sunday at church the youth lead our service and here are the lyrics to one of the songs they lead us in.

Prince of Peace
Lyrics by Michael W. Smith

You are holy (You are holy)
You are mighty (You are mighty)
You are worthy (You are worthy)
Worthy of praise (Worthy of praise)
I will follow (I will follow)
I will listen (I will listen)
I will love you (I will love you)
All of my days (All of my days)

I will sing to
And worship
The King who is worthy
I will love and adore Him
And I will bow down before Him
And I will sing to and worship the King who is worthy
And I will love and adore him
And I will bow down before Him

He is Lord of Lords
He is King of Kings
He is mighty God
Lord of everything

He's Emmanuel
He's the great "I AM"
He's my Prince of Peace
Who is the Lamb

He's the living God
He's my saving grace
He will reign forever
He is ancient of days

He is the Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End
He's my Savior, Messiah, Redeemer, and friend

You're my Prince of Peace and I will live my life for you.


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