Friday, March 20, 2009

$4.24 and $4.64

The menu flowed easily this week. We're cooking all things Rick Bayless tonight. We love Rick, he's our Mexican kitchen hero! I asked mr. amazing does lemon crumb cake sound good for dessert. No...not really (at least he's honest right). Well, what does sound good? Hmmm...something light and creamy. How about flan? Flan...really? Well...if you're up to it. He likes to challenge me in the kitchen. There in the oven now, we'll see how they turn out.

One of my love notes this week said "You really...rock my world"! HA HA!! I guess after all these years, I'm glad I still "rock his world". I wish I could share all these sweet messages he sends me, but you would tire of them. I'll share the funny ones with you.

On another note...those of you who know me well,know that I'm not a big spender. It's not that I don't like shopping...I do...I just don't like spending money. I know this makes no sense. I love finding a deal though! Last Friday, I was out shopping and I found two fun tops!

Isn't this romantic!?!?! Pale pink...with a hint of metallic thread running through it. I can envision me wearing this with his hand in mine as we walk around the lake this summer. The sun setting behind us. It cost me $4.64.

This will be right up his alley. Sassy...don't you think? I have the cutest pair of black patent wedges that will go perfect with them. I'm thinking his birthday dinner, which is in about a month. Speaking of, I need to make reservations! We're going somewhere fun, no cute kiddos allowed. Oh, this one $4.24.

Actually they both were a little less, because I got to use my Target discount! I love a bargain. Happy Friday friends!! Have a beautiful weekend!


The flowers are from him. :)


Shannon said...

Those tops are adorable! Great baragains.

Vivi said...

LOVE the tops, and love the deals almost as much. You two are sound like you're newly dating, not ol' married folks. Maybe you should share your secrets to success.

Kimberly said...

Great tops!

As for Flan, that is my most favorite in the whole entire world ever, ever, ever dessert! :) Nice choice! It goes well with the enchaladas.

Buckman Family said...

Why can't I find great deals at target? I do find great deals but bargins! Very cute - I like them both. Brian needs to talk with Ron - I don't ever get love notes!

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