Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New look

What do you think about the new look around here? Especially the one above! I have to thank two friends for helping me with this project. The first, would my dear friend Kim from my college days. She is a writing genius! I wanted to change the subtitle to something that really reflected the heart of our blog. I immediately "ran" to Kim. She helped me brainstorm. I was thinking...musings on life and love, but that didn't capture it. She liked musings, and amazing husband. :) She took it a little further...Romance in the kitchen and beyond. Then she came up with the word SERENITY. Ohhh, I like it! Kim's take on it is all is well, even though life is crazy. A state of heart and mind. Some more thinking, she comes up with Cooking up food, family and love, recipes for daily life. Some more thinking...I throw out Creating love through family, friends, and food...recipes for serene living. I like it, it fits.

The other lovely lady is the "Blog fairy". You can find her at http://www.theblogfairy.com/ or there is a button on the left that you can click and it will take you right to her site. Emily was great to work with! She was incredibly prompt, and very professional. She listened to what I was looking for in a new header, and totally made it happen. I love it! She can help you make all sorts of changes to your blog big or small. Check out her site, she has really cute backgrounds for FREE!!! Emily is also very reasonably priced, compared to other graphic designers I looked into. Make sure to tell her I sent you. :)

Well, this blog is not the only one with a new look. Here she is...what do you think? Let me clarify that she was in total agreement, about getting her hair cut. She actual prefers it short, but she hasn't had it this short since she was probably two!



shana said...

Katie's haircut is SO cute. I bet it feels completely different for her.
Have a great day, Rach!

Buckman Family said...

Very cute! Tell katie Auntie Susie loves her new do!

emily w. said...

Thanks for the nice compliments Rachel. It was a pleasure working with you. I wish you and your beautiful family the best.

Anonymous said...

Little Miss Katie, you look so beautiful. You did before, but now you look like a young lady. Enjoy your new look. Emily, your touch with the graphic design was so sweet. You knew exactly how to visually define Rachel. And Rachel, everything about this is uniquely you. It is beautiful in every way.

Love Kimberly

Vivi said...

Love both of the new looks - the blog and Katie's hair! Nicely done!

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