Saturday, March 7, 2009

Date night

Mmmmm...if you walked through the front door of our home you would be overwhelmed by the wonderful aromas floating from the kitchen. Mr. amazing is making coq au vin for dinner tonight. Yum!

Date night was simple and nice. Nothing too exciting, we were both pretty tired from the previous night.
One of Brian's favorite cook book author's is Ina Garten. He had been eyeing her latest book for awhile. I decided to pick it up for him for Valentine's day. We decided to try a few of the recipes for dinner. Here is what the menu looked like.

Mustard roasted fish
steamed green beans
mango slices
brownie pudding

I'm not a huge fan of fish, but I try because everyone else in the fam likes it. This was actually really good, and we will definitly make it again. The brownie pudding is like a molten chocolate I really need to say anymore.

One of our local liquor stores is relocating so they had a big sale. Brian found three really nice bottles of Riesling for 50% off. This went great with the fish!

We then decided to watch the movie that we had tried to watch the previous night. So not worth it! Both of us thought it was terrible. So Mr. Amazing went upstairs to warm up my side of the bed which he does every night. I love climbing into a cozy bed. Sweet


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