Monday, March 16, 2009

A man and his pan

Mmmmm...our home has the scent of vanilla. I just baked these yellow cupscakes so I could use up the rest of Mrs. Millman's chocolate frosting. Mr. amazing just said he can't wait to sink his teeth into one.

One fine day this past summer my love and I decided to take a day with just the two of us. We visited a little town by the river. We walked up and down main street hand in hand. We strolled through the shops admiring all the beautiful antique pieces. I was looking through baskets for linens, and he was running his hands over old wood. We stumbled over a shop that was closing it's doors. We were rummaging through boxes when he came upon this little black beauty. Oh, it was love at first sight between these two. He looked at me and said "what do you's only three dollars"? I thought why not? It was in need of a little TLC, but he was more than willing to give it. He loves to massage oil into it's surface until it shines. He takes it out and uses it whenever he can find a reason, then gently cleans it, no soap please, then gives it a lovely massage again. Lucky pan. He wants to find a partner for his little pan. I guess we will be visiting that little town again. I'm not sure if a little pan ever felt so much love.


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Buckman Family said...

Cute story! Your a great writer!

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