Monday, January 31, 2011

Image from Martha Stewart Living
I'm feeling good about today, which is not typical for me.  I'm not a fan of Mondays.
Perhaps it's because we had a glorious weekend.
Brian took the kids sledding Friday night, we got take out, and watched despicable me.
Saturday the kids and Brian went to the water park for Tyler's birthday.  I started my review (barely) and made really yummy soup.  When the kids went to bed, Bri and I watched the cooking shows. 
Sunday we slept in.  Katie went to Missions trip meeting. We putzed around our home all afternoon.  Mom and I decided to cancel the sleepover, the weather was going to be questionable.  Brian made us steaks and I made a spinach salad.  He picked out a great red wine.  Nice.  Oh, and we watched part of that Hallmark special last night.

The children and I are up and at it this morning.  Sheets to be washed, beds to be made, laundry to be folded.  I'm giving them some practice homework.  They get points for completing it and then they get cool prizes.  I think we will make brownies today and maybe make these crayon hearts.  Valentines day is coming soon!


Buckman Family said...

I watched the Lost Valentine last night it was cute!

kelli said...

like your crayon hearts idea!
love the "valentine" decor!

Young Adventures... said...

Sus, wasn't it cute!
Thanks Kelli!

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