Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Game Night

Sunday night is family night. At least we try. Usually it means a movie or the wii. Tonight I thought it would be fun to play a board game. I couldn't believe all the huffing and puffing made by my small friends! I panicked...am I only raising my children to love technology? We pulled out scatagories a game that Brian's parents gave him for Christmas a verrrry long time ago. I thought we would be lucky to get one round in. The children were engrossed. After playing three sets which is nine lists Brian and I said last time. They didn't want to stop! We were all having laughing and having so much fun!
I can't wait to play some more board games. We actually have very few so I am going to invest in a few more. Are there any good ones that you guys love? I have heard that apples to apples is a good one? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!


Angel said...

Fun! I'm looking forward to when my girls can read and write so we can play more than Candy Land and Perfection. LOL

I think your kiddos would love Mad Gab and Catch Phrase and Sequence (don't bother with the Jr. version). My personal favorite is Settler's of Catan (find it at Games by James),I bet your kids are old enough for that. Monopoly, Clue and Life are all good too. Those were my faves when I was there age. Oh, and how about Scrabble? Or Mancala, you could have 2 games going and the winners play each other. Ok, I think I'm a gameaholic. Just need someone to play with me. :)

Young Adventures... said...

Thanks for all of the fantastic suggestions Angel!! I think some of those classics will be great, but I am interested in Mad Gab etc.:)

Tonya said...

I love Apples to Apples but my girls, who are 14 and 12, aren't that big on it. They do like In A Pickle, Sorry, Life, and Championship Monopoly to name a few. Championship Monopoly is definitely one of my favorites too. After every space is purchased, you advance to speed round and play for a set amount of time. Whoever has the most money at the end wins and gets to keep the monopoly man trophy that comes with the game until the next time you play and someone new wins.

Young Adventures... said...

Tonya thanks for heads up about Apples to Apples! It's hard to know sometimes if the kids will like them, so it's always nice to hear another families experience.

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