Thursday, September 2, 2010

A long weekend

It has been a busy week around here. We are all ready for a nice long weekend. One of our neighbors is having us over for a dinner party this evening, which will be a lovely way to start off the weekend. We have lots of "little projects" on our list. Katie and I also plan on giving ourselves mani's, pedi's and facials before school starts Tuesday. What are your plans for the weekend?
You might remember me mentioning this cake. I made it last week and it was quite good. This is not a fancy cake by any means, but a homey, old-fashioned cake. You know the kind that you keep on the counter on a cake pedestal. You keep taking small slices of it, and before you know it is gone. I have never baked a cake with olive oil before, so I was definitely intrigued. You wouldn't know that the recipe calls for 1 cup of olive oil, unless someone told you and then when you take a bite you might taste a bit of it between the zucchini and the delicious crunchy lemon glaze. Mmmmm. This is a lovely cake and a great way to use up all of that zucchini!
If you plan on wearing your new 4.5 inch wedges to your daughter's Jr. High orientation, because you think you are a young, hip Mom. Know that in your heart you always will be, and heck all the college kids tell you that "you rock". But your feet think otherwise.
Enjoy you weekend friends!!

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Hey babe. Testing.

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