Friday, September 17, 2010

Eggs, Cocoa, and weekend plans

Our Friday morning before school breakfast tradition of eggs and cocoa has started up again. Somebody devoured them before I could snap a photo.
21 years ago today Mr. Brian P and I went on our first date together. Tonight we are going to try and recreate that special night. Back then we went to see Batman (the one with Michael Keaton),yup it was a long time ago. Then we went to Baker's square and Brian ordered cheesecake which he proceeded to spill on his lap and I had a glass of coke.If you know me, you know that I don't like pop let alone coke...yuck!!! Then my favorite part we went for a walk around Lake Valentine. Brian tried to tell me scary stories of criminals coming out of the lake. The most amusing part of the evening was Brian having to use the restroom on our walk. We went into one of the seminary apartment buildings and knocked on someone's door, thankful no one answered. I guess he ended up holding it. So tonight we are going to Cafe Latte for cheesecake, walk around Lake Valentine, and watch Batman. Should be fun.

This weekend we prepare for fall. We need to cut back the perennials, take out the window units, and pull out our warmer clothes. Sunday we will go to church, Ian has a birthday party and then we will go to the apple orchard with the Buckman's and the Varghese-Horst families. After that it's Savoy pizza to go at Susie and Ron's...yum!
Any fun weekend plans for you guys? Are you ready for fall?
I'm really hoping he makes me a pie with those apples!


Buckman Family said...

21 years ago - wow! I didn't realize he spilled cheesecake on himself! hehehe.
Enjoy your evening out! See you Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions

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