Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bedroom Makeover ~ Part One

When we moved in our house we created the haven that we dreamed about in our bedroom. We painted the walls in strips (frost queen and blue moon). These colors complimented the beautiful periwinkle with white embroidery Laura Ashley duvet cover that we found. About a year later we bought a new bed that we still love (Room and Board).
Well, a few years ago we decided we were ready for a change. We just have not made time for it, nor did we find anything that we loved. This year is going to be that year. We are carving out some time to paint, and we have found a few things that have inspired us color wise.
The first step was to buy some new sheets. Sorry the photo is not the greatest. The sheets are sort of a burgundy/redish color. We really like them. They are super soft and we love the color!
Can't wait for part two!!
Happy Friday! Have a great weekend friends!

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