Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2 New Anti- Aging Facial Products I Love

The Mister and I have a "big birthday" coming up this next year. In an effort to slow the "sands of time", (at least on my face). I have been on somewhat of a beauty kick recently. I tried out two new products that I LUUUV!!! I thought my friends might want to hear about them as well. The first one is Freeman's Pineapple Facial Mask. I picked this up at Ulta on a whim. I've been wanting a mask that would give me a youthful glow, and this one really did. Even Brian noticed, he said my face looked "really fresh". This mask is different than any I have tried before. It is very smooth and creamy with tiny beads. The product dries clear on your face, so your children won't be afraid of you. After 10 minutes you wash it off and your face feels very fresh and hydrated. I also can live with the 3.99 price.
The other product that I think is incredible is L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair Night Cream. Try saying that fast, five times! This product comes in a red tube like container. The cream comes out with a pump-like device. So even though it is a cream it comes out more like a lotion. This product has a really nice texture, it is not heavy or oily. It is easily absorbed into the skin. My face feels very soft, and I truly feel that some of those lines on my face are less obvious. This cream is about $20.00, which is really a steal for an anti-aging product. It was actually on sale at Target last week, plus I am sure you could find coupons in your Sunday paper.
Are there any anti-aging products that you love?

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