Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolutions for 2010

I decided to check out how "Webster" defines resolution, well there are nine definitions. The second one seems to fit what we think of when we think about the new year. 2) a. a resolving, or determining; deciding b) the thing determined upon; decision as to future action; resolve.

Here are my resolutions from 2009:

1) Make birthday cards with my photos (I made a few, but didn't get very far.)
2) Start a book club (Yes, it has been great!)
3) Read (I'm not quite sure what I meant by this, maybe I didn't read that much in 2008, I certainly did this year.)
4) Take photos (having a blog, really helped on this one.)
5) Eat healthy (I would say for the most part we do, and we made some changes.)
6) Exercise (We got the wii fit shortly after Christmas, and it is fun. I did well for about 6-8 weeks and then stopped. We tried running for a little while and then it got cold. So this one didn't really get fulfilled.)

Here is what I have decided for 2010:

1) Start a woman's Bible study (if you are interested, let me know.)
2) Be a better steward of our natural resources (I'd like us to compost more in the winter, stop using so many paper napkins and paper towels, line dry clothes etc..)
3) Educate myself and family about the food we consume (join a CSA, buy pasture feed meat.)
4) Exercise on a regular basis ( I need to figure out what this means for me and how I fit it into my routine.)

Kitchen goals for 2010, these are both Brian's and mine:

1) Make one new recipe out of every cookbook we have as of the New Year ( I'm not sure how this is going to go. We have over 50 cookbooks, but we will try!)
2) Start a new series on our blog called Weekends with Julia ( We are going to try to make one Julia Child recipe from Mastering the Art of French Cooking each weekend.)

Happy New Year friends!!!!


shana said...

i'm not a big resolution-maker, but mine for this year is to drink only milk and water. i don't plan on it lasting all year, but for sure for a good month or two and then i'll "splurge" once in a while if we're out or i go out for coffee with a friend or something. i decided it might be a way i could lose some weight since a good chunk of my calories come in beverage form (mostly dr pepper!). i've had a killer headache all year (makes me sound so pitiful to say that . . . it has only been less than 4 days, you know!) from the caffeine withdrawl, but hopefully that will go away one of these days.
so, that's that. no cooking goals for me. maybe i could resolve to cook at least once a month . . . a real "meal" that is. or i could just let my husband keep that role like he has for the past dozen years or so!
happy resolving!

Buckman Family said...

Nice resolutions! I love the whole cooking with Julia - I will look forward to those entries. Let me know if you want to join the Y and come running with me. :) That is my big resolution this year - getting ready for the 5k with Stacy. I will right more on my blog this week on my resolutions.

sjhofer said...

Fun to read your resolutions Rach.

I might be interested in joining you in a women's bible study. I don't know when you were thinking of having it meet. My small group from church is just ending and I am trying to figure out what to do next.

Let me know what you were thinking. I'd understand if you just wanted married women or moms.

Happy New Year!


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