Thursday, January 14, 2010

Origins ~ Ginger Essence

In India, grooming plays a very big role in peoples lives. I observed this many times as a child when we would visit. When we were to visit friends or go to church, or if someone was going to work. Certain things would happen. Best sari's would be pulled out, bathing, powdering, women brushing their long dark locks and fashioning them on top of their heads. Last but not least, a bit of fragrance would be applied. People seem to take a lot of pride in their appearance. This of course carried over with my parents when they moved to the States. My mom would sew matching dresses for us girls, our hair would be done just so, and if we were lucky maybe a dab of my mom's perfume.
My mom had one of those ornate tray like things with a mirror on the bottom that you would place on your dresser. It was lined with all sorts of bottles in different shapes and sizes.
So of course when I got older I started wanting my own fragrance. Like every other girl I wore Liz Claiborne in high school and in college for a little while. After Brian and I had been dating for about a year he purchased me a fragrance called realities that was by Liz Claiborne. At some point Brian's parents purchased me Ralph Lauren. Right before my wedding my mom gave me a bottle of Tuscany per Donna. I remember the girls and I all spritzing ourselves with this. After I was finished with this bottle, I stopped wearing a fragrance for quite a bit of time. I just kind of got tired of it and couldn't find anything I liked. Probably five years or so had passed and Jen got brave and purchased me something light and floral from Bath and Body. It was very pretty and I really liked it, but then they stopped making it. I didn't got looking for anything new. Then about four years ago, before Brian and I went on our Caribbean vacation. I wanted to find a new fragrance...and I did. It was called brown sugar and fig, and I loved it. I actually still do, except they stopped making the perfume. Oh, you can still buy the lotions and such but no fragrance. So about a year ago, I was introduced to Origins ~ Ginger Essence. I liked it, and for Christmas this year, Brian purchased me a gift set. I have to tell you friends, I love this!!! It is different than anything I have worn before. What I usually wear is sweet and simple. This is not that. It is spicy, like ginger. It also has some citrus to it. It is really unique and definitely sexy! So if you're looking to change up your fragrance. Stop by the Origins make up counter and check it out.
Well, that is it for me this week. Brian will be posting tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

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