Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Uncle" Shaney and "Aunt" Jen came to town

Shane's family lives here in the big city. So they decided to come and spend the holidays here. We asked them to come for dinner the Wednesday before Christmas. We had a great time, and they stayed until the wee hours of the morning (1 am).

Uncle Shaney, torturing Ian while he plays mario cart.

Three cuties

Shane...what more can I say.

A little secret.

We decided on a simple dinner: Salad, homemade pizza, and gingerbread cookies. Here are the recipes:

Our Favorite salad

1 bag of spring mix lettuce

Dried cranberries

candied nuts

blue cheese crumbles

balsamic vinegrette

Toss together and enjoy!

Our favorite pizza dough recipe. We have made the pissaladiere before, but it really wasn't my thing. Brian really likes this recipe because, he likes a thick crust. We made one veggie pizza, and one with pepperoni.

We make these every year at Christmas. I chill the dough roll it out, cut, and bake.

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