Thursday, January 28, 2010

Laundry, cute shoes, and THE DRESS

Do you enjoy doing the laundry? I don't mind it so much, but I get hung up on the folding. I was getting really behind on my laundry, and decided I needed to put a system back in place. Now I know everyone has their way of doing laundry, I'm just sharing what works for me.

1. We have two hampers, one on the main floor and one on the upper level. These must be emptied everyday before I throw a load in.

2. In the basement I have four baskets that the dirty laundry must be sorted into.

a. linens (napkins, table clothes, towels etc..)

b. lights (light colored clothing, and dress clothes)

c. darks (jeans, dark colored clothing, and dark socks)

d. underclothes, white socks, and jammies

3. Every day of the week has a certain set of clothes that is assigned to it.
Sunday: underclothes and white socks
Monday: linens
Tuesday: jammies
Wednesday: jeans and dark socks
Thursday: Misc...
Friday: darks and dark socks
Saturday: Sheets, and lights

4. Once the clothes are out of the dryer. I immediately fold Brian's clothes and put them in his clean clothes basket. He then puts them away, in his no rhyme or reason dresser. Then I sort the rest of the clothes and fold them. I put Ian and my clothes away. Katie's clothes I put on her bed and she takes care of putting them away. If I don't have the opportunity to fold the clothes right away, they must be folded the next day.

It's pretty basic, and it works for us.

Now on to something fun!!! I bought this shoes a few weeks ago for $4.95. Aren't they darling!?! I just love them. Katie was sooo jealous...why can't I have cute shoes like those? So, I said you can borrow them I'm sure they will fit you. Sure enough they fit her.

Katie and I are going to check out a cute dress at Picky girl. That I might get for Valentine's day. I was looking for something with some va va voom to it! Let's just say this dress has a lot of that. Susie said that Brian won't be able to handle himself and Liza said he is going to flip. Now I just need to fit into it!

Have a great weekend friends! Brian's posting tomorrow.


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Buckman Family said...

Cute shoes!! I can't wait to see you in that HOT dress! More like i can't wait to see Brian's reaction. :)

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