Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well it finally happened...the third tooth fell out. He was wiggling it and wiggling it, and then he said to Brian, "Dad after supper I want you to pull it out." Brian is the official tooth puller around here. So they went into the bathroom, and shut the door. Katie and I were busy cleaning up in the kitchen and we heard a AHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh no, I thought. Ian has never cried when he has had a tooth pulled. Then he came running out and at the top of his lungs said "OH MY GOSH!" He was so excited, and there was not a tear shed. Afterwards, Brian said the AHHHHHHHHHH was not pain but Ian's reaction to the way he looked after the tooth was pulled. The next morning, bright and early Ian woke up and ran into our room. "Guess what, the tooth fairy left me two John F. Kennedy's!" Of course today it was back to school, and guess what he shared about during "sharing time." We have a pretty excited boy around here.

I also wanted to share with you what my friend Shana made for me.

In November I had seen a really cute banner on etsy. I immediately thought I should ask Shana if she could make me one. Shana has her own business called 5 eleven design, and she makes SUPER cute stuff out of paper. So she made me one that said GIVE THANKS, and apparently I didn't take a photo of it. I also asked her for one, that says HAPPY NEW YEAR. Isn't the cutest!!!! So go check out her blog. I'm thinking I might need one for February.



shana said...

thanks! i'm so glad that you like it!
when lydia lost her most recent tooth she was at school and fainted after yanking it out. she's kinda prone to fainting (this is her 3rd time). anyway, i had to buzz to school and pick her up. oh, the drama!

Shannon B said...

That banner is so cute!! Your son is brave!

Angel said...

Completely love the expression on your sons face about the fire (up top). You can just see his excitement about the fire.

Your banner is so lovely! I'm thinking I need to at least make a Christmas and Birthday one for our home.

Dawn Cunningham said...

What a beautiful home!

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