Thursday, February 26, 2009

She's back...she brought home an extra bag filled with a lack of sleep and additional hormones.

Our ladybug is home. She had a great time! She got to sit with her good friends both on the way there and back. Her cabin also had two of her closet friends in it. She learned how to make a bonfire, tried x-country skiing, saw some deer and a fawn. She said the food was pretty good...lots of fresh bread!
Something you need to know about our sweet girl is that she needs her sleep. This has always been the case since she was a newborn. The positive side of this is that she is good sleeper. The negative side is that something happens to our sweet ladybug and a not so sweet person joins our family. Well that not so sweet person came home yesterday and was still here this morning.

The trouble started yesterday when Ian was super excited to have Katie home. He was so excited that he was not giving her any of the space she needed, resulting in a not so happy Katie. She showered though and went to bed early and seemed content enough. This morning, when I went to wake up my two sleepy heads Ian was snuggling with Katie. He likes to snuggle in the mornings so he usually crawls in with Katie since we are already up. Everything seemed normal, until I heard Ian crying. Ian certainly cries, but Katie does not have anything to do with that usually. He comes down all upset with tears and everything. Apparently Katie hit him, because he was poking her and wouldn't get out of her bed. I get him settled down and give him some breakfast. Katie comes down and says some very unkind words, which I think are very inappropriate. I have a chat with her about how I understand that she is tired but that her attitude needs to change etc... She is miserable through her breakfast and will not look at Ian and is grumpy for quite a while. A little while later she comes down crying and says she is sorry. I hug her and tell her I love her, then Ian hugs her.

Not my favorite way to start the day. I wish she left that extra bag there. I'm really hoping that "our" ladybug is back tomorrow.



shana said...

sounds a tad bit like living with Rebekah in the mornings . . . even with enough sleep. i'm sorry!!!

e and b said...

ohhhhhh! sad! i hope she's back to her sweet little self soon.
xoxo, e
p.s. dont forget to figure out a good wkd for her to come over ; )

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