Sunday, February 15, 2009

A lovely evening

I have a smile on my face as I'm typing this post. It was quite a lovely evening. We made a couple of stops to drop off some Valentine treats at Liza and Brian's and Amachi and Appachen's. Then we were off to dinner.

Liza and Brian had given us and the Buckmans gift cards to Forepaugh's for Christmas. We usually go to W.A. Frost for Valentine's dinner, but since we had the gift cards we thought we would mix it up this year. Mr. amazing and I did dine there once about 10 years ago.

Let me start off by saying that it was wonderful! The food,beverages,atmosphere, servers etc... just perfect. Forepaugh's is located in an old beautiful Victorian mansion. We were seated on the third floor in a small room with five other tables. The room was dimly lit and tastefully decorated. It was quite the intimate setting, the perfect place for romance.

They had a wide variety of beverages including cocktails, beer, and wine. We all settled on something and then it was off to the first course.

We decided on the Poutine. Inside this little cup was french fries, cheese curds, spicy chilies, chili glaze, and beef gravy. Sounds like something you would get from the state fair. It was actually pretty good. Everything was fried to perfection so nothing was greasy. It definitely was spicy, Mr. amazing liked that.

For the second course we all decided on the Waldorf salad. Apparently the chef worked at the Waldorf Astoria. It was very good! Crisp sliced apples with grapes, walnuts, celery root, white truffle oil, honey, and creme fraiche. The honey was so smooth and lightly sweet.

For the third course I choose the pasta with the mushrooms in a parmesan broth. Yum! It had fire roasted jalapenos in it so it definitely had a kick. The pasta was filled with mushrooms like little pillows. There were also mushrooms and tomatoes in the broth. Mr. amazing choose the New York strip which he said was quite good.

For dessert we choose the banana cream pie. It was totally different than you would think. It had praline on the bottom then custard on top of that with bananas and a maple reduction. It was soooo yummy!

It was time for the evening to come to a close, and head back to our little home. We had a wonderful time and it was definitely a Valentines to remember.

If you would like to check out the restaurant go to Sorry that the photos are not that great. We didn't have much light so I had to use the flash.


Oh, if your wondering he liked the top! :)

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shana said...

How cute are you 4! I'm glad you had fun . . . Happy Valentine's Day!

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