Saturday, February 28, 2009

Book Club

What a pretty day...I love the sunshine!!!

I have been dreaming about being in a book club for a number of years. I love reading, and always have since I was a little girl. In fact we all love to read or be read to in our little family. Reading has always been important to us and a love for it was something we wanted to pass on to our children. This year it was my goal to start a book club. I was just going to do it and not worry about the details, they would fall into place. I asked my dear friend Jen, my two sisters Susie and Liza, and their dear friends Taffy and Tina. Wouldn't you know it they all said yes, how fun! We decided we would meet once a quarter, rotate homes, and share a meal together.

I offered to host the first get together and prepared the main dish, and everyone else brought something. Here is what the menu looked like:

Cream cheese with pesto and pine nuts with crackers
Penne a la vodka
Caesar salad
Cappuccino mousse trifle
Red wine

I know...yum.

Tina suggested we read Letters to My Daughter by Maya Angelou. The book was a easy short read. I would say it was a good read but not great. I have not read any of Maya Angelou's work so this was a first for me. Some of the others thought her other books were better or they felt more of a connection with this book because they have read some of her other books. The chapters were short and the reading didn't really flow, but she had some really good things to say about faith, your outlook on life, and friends. She seems like quite the wise woman. No, I didn't like every chapter, but there were definitely ones I loved.

We drank tea, shared about our lives and discussed the book. There was a lot of laughing going know the kind that makes you cry. Ohhh, we had so much fun, and I think I can speak for everyone and say it brought much joy.

We will gather again in late spring, at Liza's home. We discussed reading a classic or a children's book, or choosing an author from our cultural background. We are definitely open to suggestions so if you have any let me know.


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Vivi said...

Looks like you gals had a great time. It will be fun to see what book you pick next! I mentioned to Susie that one of my favorite books ever was "Kite Runner." I also really liked his other one, "A Thousand Splendid Suns." But a few other book clubby type books (meaning, people often have a strong opinion about them) might be "The Red Tent" or "The Shack." I'm currently reading "Marley & Me."

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