Thursday, February 5, 2009

Family night/super bowl

My dear friend Jennefer started this tradition with her family a number of years ago, and it caught up with ours.
Sunday nights you will catch the four of us hanging out. We do all sorts of different activities: watch a movie, play a board game, play the wii, and other things that are out and about.
Of course one of the most important parts of family night is the food...if you couldn't tell we are really into it. I'm in charge of sweets. Brian might roast a chicken or make his amazing pizza or I might make homemade soup. Nothings off limits though (within reason).
This last Sunday we watched the super bowl and had super amazing food!
Beef with tequila,tomato and orange
Gucamole with chips
I'm not a big meat eater, but this beef dish is soooo good! I will post the recipe later. You can find the recipe for the alfajores here . I made the cajeta which was really good, and I think worth it. You could definetly substitue store bought carmel, and they would still be very good. These cookies didn't stay around long at our home. They probably won't at yours either.

Take care~

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