Monday, February 8, 2010


Hello Darling~

The children and I have had a quiet and relaxing weekend.

I dropped off Katie at church on Friday night, she was really excited for Acquire the Fire. Jen and Joe came over that night. The boys ate cheesebread, played the wii, watched a movie, and ate way too many fruit snacks and cheetos...oh and they washed it all down with sierra mist. You must be wondering why I would allow your son to consume such JUNK. It was the Queen's fault...she was in charge of snacks. I made chicken salad that was really good! We had carrots, apples, yummy olives from the olive bar, and salt and vinegar chips. We washed it down with asti (that was the Queen.) I actually think you might like it. Then for dessert she picked up chocolate molten cakes and white chocolate and raspberry truffle ice cream. Yes, I starved myself all day so I could indulge. They left around noon the next day. Ian and I just hung out. He did his homework. We went outside for a little while. He tried to throw snow balls at me while I shoveled. Ian asked me what was for dinner and I said turkey sandwiches, he said he would like tacos. I said how about we have sandwiches and I will make a pannekokken for you for breakfast. He was sold.

It was time for me to get on the fit, and Ian wanted to watch. Are you tired mom? Did you lose mom? Despite all of his encouragement I completed my workout.

We picked up Katie Sunday afternoon. She had a lot of fun! When we got back I started on our superbowl party. I was making guacamole, and decided it might be fun to slice my finger with your new knife. Needless to say it was NOT pleasant at all! This of course happened after Cheryl asked me how our weekend was going, and I said nothing bad has happened. Me and my big mouth! The guacamole was not nearly as good as yours either.

I have been missing you and can't wait for you to come home! I hope you have had a relaxing time with the guys and some fun as well.

After you shave those terrible prickles of your face...I will give you a big smooch and squeeze!

I could sit here and stare at your photo all day. That smile, it gets me every time.

Love always~


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