Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fun filled weekend continued

Well the fun filled weekend did not end there. My sisters and our mom have a tradition of celebrating each others birthdays by going out to brunch. We have tried many fun places. I couldn't decide where to go, so Susie suggested Forepaugh's. If you remember, this is where we went for Valentine's Day. We had another wonderful experience. This time we were on the main floor at a corner table. It was quite chilly so I ordered a cup of tea. They brought us a variety of quick breads. We all ordered the eggs benedict which came with fruit and potatoes. Everything was delicious! For my birthday they gave me a chocolate cupcake with chocolate mousse sprinkled with maldon salt. It was good, but we were so full we only ate half of it. We all had a great time, enjoying each other's company. I look forward to this special time together.

Mom dropped me off, and I walked into a very quiet home. What was going on! Brian said Katie wasn't feeling well, and Ian was laying down. Well, Katie started feeling better. Ian on the other had fallen asleep on the couch.

Those of you that know Ian know that he doesn't nap. The child has not napped since he was under two years old. I knew immediately this was not a good sign. I woke him up for family night. We watched Bedtime stories. We thought it was hilarious! After that I checked his temperature, and he had a high fever. Ian rarely gets sick. He has stayed home from school the last two days, but will be heading back to school tomorrow. He kept telling me "Mom, I'm ill, that means I'm sick." What a goof, he still kept his sense of humor even though he was miserable.


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Kimberly Hurd Horst said...

Did Ian get his humor from his papa?:) Poor lad, I hope he feels well for testing days....

Bless you!

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