Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crafty...not so much

The children are tucked cozily in their beds. Brian is at the ball game for boys night out ( he deserves it). The kitchen is cleaned up, the laundry is in the machine, and now I can take a deep breath. That feels good. Hello dear friends.

I'm not much of a crafter. I do enjoy crafts, I've tried my hand at cross-stitch, scrap booking, stamping, and other forms of crafting. It's just not really my thing...I don't have that artistic touch. I do think I have a creative spirit, but it comes out in other ways. In my kitchen, creating a warm and inviting home, creating fun birthday parties for the kids etc...

Usually my creative side comes out all of the sudden. For example a few weeks ago, I got the urge to add some spring touches to our home. I didn't want to go out and spend a lot of money, so I was searching for buried treasure in my closets. Kind of like when you pull out your spring/summer wardrobe and you find pieces you forgot about...always fun! I filled small glass candlewick dessert cups with jelly beans, a found a set of birch bark candle holders and filled them with green moss. My favorite was a small galvanized steel bucket that I filled with dried hydrangeas from the garden.

It was not unusual for me to "find" a treasure chest full of beautiful paper that we had used a few years ago to make masks for a birthday party craft for Katie. I was immediately drawn to them and knew I needed to "craft" something with them. I decided on a making a card. I chose a few "scraps" that I really liked and arranged and glued them on my card. This is what I came up with. I wasn't going for perfection as far as perfect squares or having the pieces lined up just so. I was inspired by a crazy quilt that I bought last summer for $5 at a garage sale last year.

This is my sort of crafting. Being inspired and just going with it. I have a few other ideas floating around in my head right now, a few things I want to craft for friends. I'll share them with you, just don't expect to be wowed! Have a good night!




Kimberly Hurd Horst said...

:) Supermoms don't need to be great at everything dear one, just willing to try many things and give things a good shot. You are super creative in fabulous ways that matter to your family! I am a horrid scrapbooker....and photo album putter together-er person. I am jealous of those who can to the degree that I am sure my kids would appreciate it later, but right now, I don't want to invest the time....I am not a bad mom, there are just other ways I show love now....in the retirement community, I am sure I'll find a scrap booking class. So, we'll wait until then.

shana said...

I love it! Way to go!
Have a great night!

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