Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thoughts on Mothering

I'm an imperfect Mom, I'm saying this because I'm being real with you. I screw up EVERY SINGLE DAY(ask my children). I'm not just talking about someones lunch not getting made or a field trip form that forgets to go in the back pack (although those things happen enough).  I'm talking about, I don't always listen when I should. I don't always take advantage of those teachable moments, I raise my voice after telling a child to do something for the 10th time.  I lose my patience. I get frustrated. I want to lock the door in the bathroom and hide (but I can't because I don't have a lock on my bathroom door). I'm not a perfect Mom.

Somewhere in all of that imperfection is God's perfect grace.  Somehow in all of our emotional mess God has had his hand on my children and on me and on my husband. Somehow God has cultivated an amazing bond and love that my children share.  It could be age, gender, birth order, but it is more than that. God listens to our prayers, his grace is perfect, and he loves us.

I tell Katie and Ian often to treasure the special gift they have been given. To nurture it to hold on to it.
I will pray for my children.  I will pray that they get an A in that class and I will pray that they don't get hurt playing football at recess.  More important I will pray for their hearts.  I will pray that they will grow closer to God everyday and that they will see him a little bit everyday.  I will pray that their love for one another will grow and mature.
I'm an imperfect Mom, so I pray.


Jackie said...

Oh Rachel I so hear you on this subject. Even though mine are grown, there is still parenting to be done. I have ALWAYS depended on prayer and GOD when it comes to my kids. When my oldest boy was just 2 yr old I remember sitting down and busting into tears to God and just admitting that I cant do it alone, I told God that Brice was His....that I would never be able to go on if something happened to Brice, (Brice was an absolute crazy child...oh the stories), so I asked the Lord to please please watch over him, protect him and give me strength to raise this little guy. I remind Brice of this often...he knows his mommy prays for him even at age 26. On my way to work in the morning, I cover my children with prayers..... That's what gives me peace. Rachel You have such beautiful children, they are lovely! You are certainly a wonderful mother...not perfect, but then no one is, right. If we were all perfect life would be pretty boring, and there would be no need for Jesus. Keep doing what you're doing. Love your blog and hearing about your life. (sorry for the long comment)

Shannon said...

Aren't we all! Sometimes we have to get hat off our chests. Being a mom is hard and perfection is impossible. My day to day standard is "good enough," lol. We are all humans for sure!

Lawyerly said...

This was such a beautiful, authentic bearing of your soul and offering encouragement to others. You are a wonderful mother despite your imperfections! Your children are so blessed to have you!

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