Thursday, May 23, 2013

Book club

We had a small group this time just five of us (we missed you ladies).
I hosted and choose a salad bar theme.  We started with cashews and stuffed olives.  I provided homemade dressings and different greens.  The ladies brought 3 toppings each.  This was very fun and I think everyone loved it.  Good girl food.  For dessert I made sugar cookies, fruit dip, and had fresh berries.  Then everyone could make their own fruit pizzas.
Then we discussed how we all started the book and none of us finished it...ha!
Can't wait for next time!


Shannon said...

We often don't read the books in mine! It's really more of a wine club, lol

Jackie said...

I love to read but never have been in a book club, I think it would be fun! Sounds like you had a great night of food, fun and friends!

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