Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Katie had one of her last choir concerts of the year last week. She was hesitant about joining choir and didn't know if it would be too much with swimming but it worked out great.  We're always talking to the kids about having a balanced life and trying new activities. I'm so glad she joined.  She loves to sing and has such a pretty voice.  She has made some good friends in choir and I really think it helps the students to be part of something. She definitely wants to be a part of the choral program next year.
We're so proud of you Katie for trying something different and we can't wait to see you perform next year!


Becky (So Very Blessed) said...

Way to go, Katie! Those activities that take us out of our comfort zone are usually the most rewarding!

Shannon said...

That's awesome! I was in choir for 5 years in school, plus man years after that at church. It's a great thing that she can do her whole life if she wants!

Lawyerly said...

Congratulations, Katie! You are awesome! I bet you are excited that school is almost finished and out for the summer!

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