Friday, December 3, 2010

"Green Christmas"

I'm not much of a "wrapper". I can never seem to find wrapping paper that I really like, or if I do it seems to be more than I want to pay for something that is going to be thrown away. I really like the look of an old fashioned parcel, so last year I thought I would go with that theme. I took grocery bags and cut them to the size of the gift I was wrapping. I laid the printed side of the bag up and wrapped away. I had the Katie and Ian decorate shipping labels with different Christmas stamps and address them with markers. Then we tied the labels onto the gifts with raffia. Easy peasy and I like the way they turned out! I'm planning on using this idea again this year, now I just need to finish up my shopping!
I'm hoping to get my Christmas baking started this weekend. For some reason I am behind on that this year.
Happy Weekend!!

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