Thursday, August 26, 2010


All Summer long I have been wanting a pair of espadrille wedges. Since I am more of frugalista than a fashionista, I put the purchase on hold.
If you didn't know already, I tend to be on the petite side of the height scale. I'm not coordinated enough to pull off a stiletto, but a wedge I can do.
Last week I took the children to Target to get some new shoes. Katie got a darling pair of of sequined black ballet flats that will be perfect for dressy occasions. I know some of you with young girls have a hard time finding appropriate dress shoes for your daughter, especially once their feet have reached a certain size. Target has a great selection of ballet flats on sale this week for $8! Ian got a new pair of tennis shoes. He insisted one shoes with laces...great! And I got these cute shoes that you see above. They were on clearance for $13.98, plus I got my discount so they ended up being around $11!! Patience is a virtue.
There are a lot of great sales going on right now, so make sure to check the clearance racks.
Happy Belated Birthday Dad!

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