Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mount Rushmore

When we planned our vacation several months ago. We knew we would go to Mount Rushmore. It is really pretty cool. There are a couple of trails and a small museum at the bottom of one of the trails. I was surprised that there was not more to see there. It was still neat though and we would recommend going.

These two always take the best photos.

Check out my Dad's cool aviators. They're vintage Ray-Ban's. I remember him wearing them when I was a little girl.

Me and my sweetie.

I'm not sure what these four are looking at. Right now they are all here at our home having a "dance" party.

He's not obsessed with the President's anymore he just likes them now.

One of the class clown's and his "exotic bird."

Stay cool and dry today.

1 comment:

sjhofer said...

Rachel, I love all your pictures from SD. They are so beautiful! It makes me want to go there again sometime.

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