Monday, August 2, 2010

Bits of Encouragement

Badlands 2010

Church at the falls was really wonderful. The sermon was titled "Who is Always Gracious?" The pastor asked us to turn to Luke 15. He spoke to us about the parable of the lost lamb and the prodigal son. Verses that I am quite familiar with, and I am sure many of you are.
He then told us a story of Brennan Manning. Growing up Manning had a best friend, they did everything together. They went to school together, bought there first car together, went on double dates together, graduated from high school together, enlisted together, went to boot camp together, and served on the front line together. While they were serving on the front line one day, they were in a fox hole together. His friend was next to him eating a chocolate bar. All of the sudden a grenade flew into the hole. Manning's friend quickly put down the chocolate bar smiled at him and then threw his body over the grenade. He lost his life and saved Manning's. Later Manning went to see his friend's Mother. He asked her did he really love me? Her answer was, what more would he need to do to show you that he loved you? The Pastor went on to say how often do we ask the question if our Savior loves us? His answer, take a look at Mary she is pointing to the cross.



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