Thursday, December 10, 2009

Welcome to my herb garden

I hope you guys are staying warm! Did I tell you that I am in the process of reviewing a cookbook? My dear friend Colleen who was one of my roommates in college asked me if I would be interested in doing so. I said I would love to (although I am a little intimidated). Her husband Nicko owns a website called . The website is filled with great information for people who love to cook! There are great recipes, articles related to cooking equipment, cookbook reviews and much more. Go check it out, you will really enjoy it. I still have to finish making some of the recipes that are on my list, and then write the review. Once I'm finished I will let you know. It has been really enjoyable so far!
Now on to my indoor herb garden. I've always dreamed about having a herb garden in my kitchen. During the summer, I enjoy adding fresh herbs to dishes from our herb garden outside. Whether it's basil for a salad or mint in our iced tea, it makes my palette smile. I asked Brian if he would be able to make me a "shelf." Basically he took a piece of wood and cut it to fit over our radiator in the kitchen and stained it. We decided to try transplanting all the herbs from the garden to pots. So, Brian scrounged around for spare pots, and planted the herbs in them. They have done good so far. They don't seem to be growing, but just maintaining themselves. We did lose the large basil plant, that was the one we were worried about. I do have tarragon, sage, oregano, rosemary, and thyme though. I have put them in soups, pasta sauces, and on roasted meats. It has been a fun taste of summer in the kitchen.

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