Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Taking a little break

We had a great school year, but it was most certainly challenging. 

 Katie started high school at a new school knowing very little people.  God was good, she made some great friends and had some great teachers, and got involved in some new activities.

Ian was placed in a challenging class with none of his buddies.  Everyday for the first month or two he came home saying this "Too quiet, too serious, too lonely."  Poor guy.  The challenge was good for him and he did end up making some new friends.

So even though everything turned out good.  We need a break.  Plus Brian and I will be celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary soon.  

I've scheduled a number of blog posts for the next couple of weeks.  My plan is not to be around much.   I probably won't be on Facebook or Pinterest.  I might take a few photos on Instagram, we'll see.
I'll be back to regular blogging on Sunday, June 30th.

Have a great couple of weeks!  Take care.


AmyD said...

Enjoy your break time with your lovely family. Congratulations on 20 years -- my hubby and I celebrated 25 years this past January.

Jackie said...

You will be missed but there is nothing more important then quality time with family, with no distractions....Good for you Rachel, enjoy your time making memories.

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