Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dried beans

This last week I stocked up on dried beans. Thanks, for the heads up Pocket Your Dollars! Rainbow had a huge variety of beans on sale this week for $1 a bag. I decided to get eight different variety's. We don't cook that much with dried beans, but I really want to. I mean the cost savings is pretty big. I'm not bashing canned beans at all they are easy to use, and as a Mom who works outside of the home I totally get that. Sometime ago I was alerted to sodium level in canned beans, and I was shocked! Lower sodium and organic are available, but a little bit more spendy. I figure if I have the beans at home, I will incorporate them in our cooking more. Talk about veggie protein! I can't wait to make lentil soup again. I'm sure Brian would be more than willing to make ham hocks and beans. This Indian Dal Nirvana from Steamy Kitchen was awesome! This is a good Indian dish to try if you are hesitant to try Indian food. I would love to try black bean soup, spilt pea soup, homemade hummus the list goes on!
How about you guys do you cook much with dried beans?

1 comment:

Vivi said...

I should use them more! My favorite is ham and split pea soup...with dried beans, of course! But lentil....yum....

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