Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bedroom Makeover ~ Part Three

Well the Mister and I started and finished painting on Saturday. It was a team effort. Brian kept saying it looks awesome! I really like it and I am happy with it but, it is a little more green than I thought. Sorry the photo isn't that great.
Window treatments next, probably velvet in khaki (thanks Angel)! I want to get a new fixture to hang them on as well. I priced them out this week and they are not terribly expensive at Target, but I think I will wait for a sale. We're in no huge rush. We have white sheers right now they aren't the best as far as the look we are going for, but they are fine. We also have a chair that I want to do something with. Probably recover the seat with a different fabric. Then in the spring Brian will take up the carpet and we will get a rug.
The rooms is very warm, cozy and inviting! Since I am a Viking's widow tonight, I might just go enjoy my cozy room with a good book.


Buckman Family said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see it in person!

shana said...

It looks great. Way to have a productive Saturday too . . . we got quite a bit done that day as well. A whole new person actually. A great day all around!

Vivi said...

Oh I love your comforter. I can't quite see the green, but I bet it looks great!

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