Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday!!!

Today is our little man's Birthday. He is a big 8 years old and I can hardly believe that our "baby" is getting so big. He had his party a few weeks ago. We went to the zoo in the burbs because they have a few sharks and Ian is ALL about sharks these days. He had a great time and even told me during the party, "Mom this is the best birthday party ever!"

Ian, this is you right now:
*You're very much into sharks, snakes, dinosaur's and lions.
*You love to read. "Mom this summer I just want to relax and read."
*You love to draw.
*You are a perfectionist at things you are interested in.
*You are very silly and funny.
*You adore your big sister. When she was gone last week, you slept on the floor one night in her room. You missed her quite a bit.
*You ask a lot of questions and talk quite a bit if you feel comfortable.
*You are very sensitive.
Well I could go on and on. Ian you complete our family and we love you so very much! Happy Birthday to our favorite boy!


Joe Ambrosino said...

That's so sweet! What a terrific mom you are. Love the shark cake and the Frank Sinatra soundtrack too~!

Buckman Family said...

Happy Birthday Ian - we love you! what a cute cake!!!

sjhofer said...

Happy Birthday to Ian! Did you make the shark cake? It looks great

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