Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Running, Jadeite, and Cake

This morning after I dropped Ian with Jen (who is taking him to Vacation Bible Camp), I decided to go for a run. You might remember that Brian challenged me to a 5K this fall, so I figured I should take the opportunity this morning to "train". After I rushed out the door I realized I forgot to put on the appropriate under garments! I promptly decided that this run was going to be a quick jaunt. The one and only thing I like about running is that I can "think" about anything I want. For instance, how will I change my spring decor over to summer this year? What things do I need to get done today. And last but not least, I decided that Brian can take his 5k challenge all by himself. Let's face it friends my legs are not meant for running at any sort of fast pace for any sort of long period of time. Sure I can run, but fast and for a race...I have no desire. So, my conclusion during my jaunt about running was this. I will train, but I am NOT racing. The training I think will be a good form of regular exercise and I am sure Brian will shed some extra pounds pretty quickly. And I will get some much needed exercise.

Now on to some more enjoyable news. I had pulled out my Jadite the other day for a meal, and was admiring it's beauty. I thought to myself it's too bad that it sits in the buffet were no one can see it. So, I decided to empty out one of my cupboards and fill it with my Jadite. What do you think? We actually have another stained glass panel, that Brian will put on the other side. It should help with light, and highlight the dishes. I'm actually really happy with it.

On another note I just ordered a yummy cake for Brian and I this weekend from Buttercream. If you are looking for a special occasion cake and are local please order from here! My sister Elizabeth ordered her cake from Buttercream and it was the best wedding cake I have ever had. I also went to a wedding this past weekend and they ordered their cake from Buttercream as well it was delicious!

I'm also going to pick up a few goodies for Jen and I today from Sweets Bakeshop.

I guess I will need to do some extra running this week...ugh. Somedays I wish I could have my cake and eat too, like when I was in my 20's.

Have a beautiful day friends!

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Joe Ambrosino said...

Hi Rachel,
I was a runner, but I got a bone spur- now I prefer the machines. I can't imagine (nor do I want to try)what undergarments you should wear, but I can give you this advice. You should always train for distance, not speed. Your speed will improve as your stamina does. Your legs are stronger than your lungs, so go for long slow runs. If you can carry on a conversation without getting winded, that's the ideal speed.

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