Friday, June 4, 2010


summer 2008 E&B wedding

You may have all heard about the famous couple who after 40 years of marriage is calling it quits. When I heard that, it just broke my heart and I felt so bad. In my mind I was trying not to be judgemental. You never know what happens behind closed doors. At the same time though I was thinking why??? The paper said it was a mutual decision and they had grown apart. It's not like you don't have money to see the best marriage therapists in the world. You have the money to go on an extravagant second honeymoon anywhere. Heck, you could on the fanciest date at the fanciest restaurant. Then I stopped and I was convicted. I thought to myself take a look at your own marriage. What am I doing right now to keep my marriage alive and kicking? What am I doing to keep from growing apart from the man I love and committed to staying with until my last dying breath? Not much these last few weeks. I have been a pretty major pain in the bum. Crabby, cranky, and whiney are good words to describe my personality as of late. Life gets busy doesn't it? Before we know it time has gone by and we can't get that time back. We can move forward though. We will be having date night tomorrow for sure! I hear steak is on the menu and a new attitude is being presented for dessert. Oh sure, they are small things. Those small things add up though. Not to mention that the gift of your time right here and right now is priceless to your spouse, and your marriage.


Joe Ambrosino said...

Sometimes I think the "traditional" cultures had it right with arranged marriages.Duty comes first- love and friendship afterward. A few years ago, I saw a documentary made by an American-Indian woman who was a journalist (in New York) She traveled to India with her parents who wanted her to marry a "nice Indian boy" The film explored her reactions and in it, she interviewed some family members whose marriages were arranged and got some interesting perspectives. I'm not suggesting Al and Tipper would have been better off if their marriage was arranged, but anyway did you happen to see it, Rachel?

Joe Ambrosino said...

Good news Rachel, I found that documentary. Google" Made in India?" and you should be able to play it. Let me know what you think.

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