Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11th, 2001

I made the children a "hot" breakfast this morning. Katie, 1 scrambled egg, 1 toasted pita bread, half of a banana, and a glass of milk. Ian, 2 sunny side up eggs, 1 piece of white bread toasted, half of a banana, and a glass of milk. I was pleased with myself that their tummy's were full. My thoughts turned to those that were missing loved ones and what I was doing that day.

As usual I was in a rush. I was the Assistant Director of Admissions at the time. Katie and I were on our way into campus. I was in our small car when I heard the news. I dropped Katie off and rushed into my office. I spoke with a number of my co-workers we were all stunned. We knew very little at that point. Just that a plane had crashed into one of the towers. I remember trying to explain to my then 4 year old what happened. We called both sets of parents and some of our siblings. What a scary time. We didn't know how much our world would change.

I traveled twice shortly after. I was in a conference in Texas and had thrown away my e-ticket for my flight back on accident. I was glad I was not traveling alone. I explained to the ticket agent what happened. I was fortunate it was an would be fine. A few weeks later I was in Chicago. I was in a large hotel. Katie and Brian were in our room, I had gone done to check about switching rooms. When I was ready to go upstairs, the security guard said I couldn't, he needed to see my key which I didn't have on me. I was quite upset another officer came by and directed me to the phone so I could call up. Brian brought Katie down in her p.j.'s and I was allowed to go to my room.

So much has changed since then. Our son was born 9 months later. Siblings have been married. Adults have passed on and children have been born. Our house has become our home. Eight years have passed, and much has happened. I still remember though, and I still grieve for those whose lives were lost.

I'm so glad that I believe in a God who is bigger than our life. A God who gave his only son, so that I could have eternal life with him forever. My hope, comfort, and joy is with him.

Hold the ones that you love close. Have a wonderful weekend!




Stephanie Balvin said...

I was a student at Bethel at the time- it was so surreal. thanks for sharing your memory.

Kimberly Hurd Horst said...

That was very nicely written Rachel. I was teaching fourth grade that year and we were baffled. Then the fire alarm went off by mistake and the kids majorly freaked out and I kid you not, we ALL thought the world was coming to the end at that moment.

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