Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Fair

Don't you just love the fair!?!? We do!

I remember going as a child with my family every few years. We would ride the bus in. Growing up in the city it was such a treat to see all the animals...and it still is. Brian and I went a few times pre-children. Ever since Katie was born, we have always gone at least once a year sometimes twice. Ian was 2 months old the first time he went. At some point "Uncle Shaney" started coming with us every year, and this year his fiance Jen came with. Here's what we did, saw, and ate (the most important thing).


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Ms. Hurd Horst Class said...

Sooooooo fun! Although, when I went with the kids, it was not as much fun....my middle schooler was like...when are we going home...how about now. Now? Really now? And then mom, can I have, mom can I have, mom can I have....


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