Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wanna play hopscotch?

I know she's my daughter, but she is a beautiful girl isn't she?

Her spirit is even more stunning.

Then there is this little guy. He has been so snuggly and sweet lately. Saying things like "I love you so much mom." The other day while we were getting ready for school out of the blue he said "You're the best mom." What is he up to anyway...

I'm gonna get you Katie!!! Moooom, Ian's gonna squirt me!!!!!!!!! IAN!!!!!!!!

That's right sweetie...water the plants.

I know you know how I feel about these two, but I just love my children!




Buckman Family said...

We love them too! Can't wait to see you guys on Sat!

Maris said...

You have beautiful children and what looks like a beautiful neighborhood!

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you'll stop by often :)

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