Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Alfred, we will take our evening meal on the front porch

When we were looking to purchase our home, Brian was really hoping for a front porch. I thought it would be fine, but it was not a priority. One Sunday afternoon we happened upon a little house and we knew it would be perfect. That little house just happened to have a nice size porch, and soon became our home.

The front porch doesn't get much use during the winter season, but the rest of the year there is much activity out there. We have parties out there, friends join us for dinner, the kids play rain or shine, painting, drawing, and of course dining.

We have had most of our evening meals out there these past few weeks. When I announced that we would be eating out on the front porch as much as possible my little family was quite excited. "Alfred" isn't ususally summond. It ususally goes something like this on my way home from school with Ian. "Mom, it's a really nice day we should eat on the porch." "Great idea, sweetie!"


shana said...

How fun! Happy Wednesday.

Kimberly Hurd Horst said...

:) What a great way to spend dinner.

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