Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Reading List

First up...Happy Birthday to my Mother-in-law! I hope that you have the most beautiful day!  We're looking forward to celebrating with you this weekend.

I love to read.  I look forward to drowning myself in a good book everyday all summer long.
I get check out all my books from the library and the children and I spend A LOT of time there.
Here is the list that I have put together so far

The Digital Photography Book
Jane Eyre
Blood, Bones, and Butter
Dreams of Joy
The Paris Wife
Major Pettigrew's Last Stand
The Life of Pi (Thanks Lisa!)

Books I've read in the last year that I really liked:
Cutting for Stone
The Help
Color Me Butterfly

Jackie and Lisa have some recommendations as well.
I would love to hear about what you are reading this summer or what is your favorite must read.
Do you have any suggestions for my children 13 and 9.  They also go through books like crazy.

Have a great weekend



Jill said...

Sounds like a great list, Rachel. By the way, I love your new header. Have a great weekend!

lvankuiken said...

You're welcome! I have o give credit for Life of Pi to my son though...he read it first and told me to read it.

This is such a great idea - I really think I'm going to do something similar on my blog...just trying to figure out when, etc.

I also loved The Art of Racing in the Rain, and if you enjoy historical fiction, anything by Margaret George. She just wrote a book about Elizabeth I and has also written about Henry VIII, Cleopatra, Mary Queen of Scots, Mary Magdalene, and Helen of Troy. They're all really, really good.

Great post!

crazycurlgirl said...

Have they read the Rick Riohdan books about Percy Jackson? Or his new Red Pyramid books? When I was 13 I read "Rebecca" by Daphne D'Mauer ( I sure I'm spelling things wrong) It was my favorite book for ages. My youngest devoured the "Spiderwick Chronicles" and "Harry Potter". I read my kids all the Roald Dahl books (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Twits, etc) The Beverly Cleary Ralph S. Mouse series and Ribsy. They enjoyed the classics as much as the new stuff. I LOVE to read too. Luckily my kids are readers too.

shana said...

i'm reading "cutting for stone" right now. heard great things about it! have you read "1000 gifts"? have a great weekend!

RC Reese said...

Hey Rachel, I'm not so much of a fiction reader. I tend to read a lot of biographies myself. I especially love books on the lives of the founding fathers.

However, I have a soft spot for Daphne du Maurier, I I recently bought a collection of her stories. My favs are Rebecca and Frenchman's Creek. ;-)

Eric said...

Old Man and the Sea

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