Monday, June 6, 2011

Bits of Encouragement

Summer set lip to earth's bosom bare,
And left the flushed print in a poppy there.
~Francis Thompson, "The Poppy," 1891

Happy Monday!  Have a wonderful week.


Shannon said...

Happy Monday to you! Beautiful Pic!

Jill said...

This is so pretty! I am anxiously awaiting the blooms to open on my poppy. Have a great day, Rachel!

lvankuiken said...

Gorgeous photograph!

Your should get that blown up and framed. Stunning.

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Such a beautiful flower photo.


Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

oh what an awesome photo! did you take that yourself? just beautiful!

Carole in the Faith Lounge said...

Absolutely gorgeous,
I soooo love poppies, I wish they would stay around a little longer though!

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