Friday, April 8, 2011

The Classic Shaken Margarita

I love margaritas.   I love margaritas so much I some times think I might be Mexican.   I think I love the idea of lime and orange juice mixed together with the delightful taste of tequila and salt.  

I get my recipe from my close personal friend, Rick Bayless.   Ok,  I only wish he was my close personal friend.   :)   This recipe is so simple and straightforward that anyone can make it and there is enough flexibility to get creative.
Classic Margarita 
8 limes  -  Juice only (I love limes and have almost tripled what Rick recommends)
1 cup of tequila (Sauza Hornitos is good)
1/2 cup of orange liqueur (Cointreau is my favorite.  Grand Marnier is Rachel’s)
3/4 cup of simple syrup
Tons of ice (Not “tons” but alot)

Mix it all together and let it sit for about 45 minutes.   The extra time will let it get cold and give the flavors a chance to mix together.   Serve in your favorite margarita glass or any short glass rimmed with salt.   

I am not going to lie.   This recipe is pretty strong.   The longer you let it sit the milder it will become.   Enjoy in moderation.   :)
This recipe has been shared with Gooseberry Patch


Jill said...

Yum! I could use one of those about now.

Buckman Family said...

Yummy! I love your margaritas Brian!

Tonya said...

Yummy! Nothing like a margarita. Cheers!

Jackie said...

I'm particular to FROZEN, margaritas. But yours looks good...I think :)

AmyD said...

I love margaritas too -- but I am "On the rocks, no salt" kinda gal. They really are perfection.

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