Thursday, February 3, 2011


Time, it slips away.  It's sneaky like that.
Many of my friends have been posting adorable photos of their darling daughters in their tutu's and playing with their American girl dolls.  I was there once at that time and place.  The recitals and the trip to Chicago to pick up that first doll.  I treasure those memories.  I say to my dear friends savor every little moment.  Don't worry about the future, but enjoy the present with her.
Now it's about texting and fashion.  Brian and I have been thinking about high schools.  Katie is thinking about driving.
Ian is going to be nine this summer...NINE!  Third grade seemed so much more "grown up" with Katie.  More work, more independence.  The way his mind works, never ceases to amaze me.  He asked me what cholesterol was the other day.  He wants to walk home by himself, stay home by himself, and make toast by himself.
I need to hug these two more often.
Live in the moment and SAVOR it.


shana said...

Thanks Rachel! Really. Thanks.

Amanda said...

I totally agree. My little man is only 3 and I already feel like he's growing up too fast. It baffles me that in a mere year and a half he will be in kindergarten!!! Where did my little 6lb baby go?

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