Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beautiful, old table

On my way to pick Ian up from school yesterday.  I found this old girl on the side of the road.  Isn't she gorgeous!!  I just love all of the detail.  Brian is sometimes skeptical of the "junk" that I bring home, but even he had to admit that this table was special.
So here is my question to all of you.  What do I do with it??  It needs a good cleaning and the top needs to be sanded.  Should I paint it, or stain it?  Where do I put it and I what should I use it for?  It is tall, so you couldn't use it for an end table.  It really seems more like a decorative piece.  I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions!  Thanks so much for your help!


Vivi said...

Wow! What a find! There is so much detail...which is a blessing and a curse.

It would look stunning with a fresh sanding and a stain, but oh-my-work. A weathered/rustic paint job would be really shabby chic.

Hmmm...for it's use. A pretty, viney plant or two in some cool pots? Any antique dishes or knic knacks that you'd like to display?

Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Angela said...

I'm so in love with this table. :)
It's gotta be put somewhere it can be seen!! A funky fun paint job to highlight the detail would be divine. Please be sure to post "after" pics.

Karen's Ideas Galore said...

This is a beauty! I'm imagining it in an entryway (painted black or white) with a large mirror above it...

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Wow, it's GORGEOUS!! What a find!!

You could start off by sanding it down and seeing how good the wood is underneath the dirt...and then decide where to go from there.


Angel said...

What a find! I see it painted a fun accent color sitting in front of a sunny window with a plant or two on it. But I also like the idea of a hall table, where you toss your keys and mail, with a mirror above it. I say paint it whatever color you feel that room is lacking. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

http://adventurezinchildrearing.blogspot.com said...

i love love the shabby chic look for these side of the road finds- and i'm laughing because my husband is always shaking his head at my "i love lucy" style ideas and the stuff i drag home- he couldn't believe it when someone paid my $100 for a table i made him pick up from the side of the road and sanded, painted an eggshell white, then sanded the edges and detail, thin coat of antique stain which i immediately wiped away access (so the stain stuck to the sanded parts and edges) - very shabby chic - and then it led to ANOTHER request for me to come and do the same to someone else's kitchen table!

what fun! can't wait to see the results of what you end up doing!!

http://adventurezinchildrearing.blogspot.com said...

I might just make this cake for hubby's b-day tomorrow! tks

I won an award and am passing it on to you cause I love your blog and all your comments! check it out and see what i wrote about you at Adventurez- kelli

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