Monday, July 12, 2010

Thoughts on parenting

These two people make me very happy. Like most of you, much of my time is devoted to my children. My time is spent making lunches, doing laundry, chauffeuring them around to their various activities, listening to them, playing with them and of course loving them. I love doing all of these things for my children, some days more than others. The reason being, I know that this role that I play in my children's life is fleeting. I of course will always listen to them and love them, but some of the other day to day tasks will not be needed, and that's the way it should be right?

These precious little people have been given to me for short period of time. During that time I must help them learn to fly on their own. What a privilege to play such a huge role in their lives. I take this privilege very seriously, but at the same time I know that I must lead a balanced life.

Have you ever thought about what your life will be like once your nest is empty? Brian and I had quite a bit of time just the two of us before our children were born. We met in 1989 and Katie was born in 1997. We spent those years getting to know one another, falling in love, and building our home together. Before these two cuties came along.

It is interesting thought isn't it? What will life be like when the kids are gone. Sure we joke about the freedom and the quiet. But how will we really feel? We don't have much choice in their leaving, and frankly they should fly away. That's what we should want for our kids right? We want them to grow up to go to college, have successful careers, find a partner who adores them, have children, and have a beautiful life. We want them to grow up.

The leaving is kind of hard though isn't it. The routine of having a family. I suppose that is why there is such a thing as the "empty nest" syndrome. There is no doubt in my mind that we are going to miss these two more than I can even imagine. My hope is that Brian and I are doing enough now though that this blow won't be so hard.

God does not just call me to be a Mother to these two. He calls me to be a wife, daughter, sister, friend, worker, encourager, and many other things. I am supposed to do all of these things to glorify him. Parenting is a privilege not a right. I will of course always be their Mom. I won't be parenting the same though. I hope that I love my children unconditionally when they are grown. I hope that I am able to give them the space they need to have their family and make their choices and mistakes. Parenting is a privilege it is one of the most self-less roles that we play. It isn't about us, but about them.
When my children are grown I want to be thankful for the time that I had with them, but I also want to live life to the fullest! I don't want to be so caught up in the past that I can't live in the present.
One of the things I love about the blog world is reading all the activities that you are involved in. Some of you are athletes, small business owners, and crafters. Some of you have changed careers so you could be with your family more.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this post and what you are doing to live a well-balanced life.
Happy Tuesday friends!


Joe Ambrosino said...

God bless you, Rachel. Life goes by quickly. You get parenting down and your children fly away. You let go and your children have children.

shana said...

i don't know that my life is all that well-balanced sometimes, but i think we'll do great when the kids are gone (although I know I'll miss them like mad . . . and by the time we shoo #6 out of the nest, we'll probably have grandkids, or at least be close. No down-time for us, I don't think!) You're a great momma to your 2 getting-bigger, little people. Happy parenting today!

erica said...

Hi Rachel,
What a nice blog you have! I love your heart for seeking to glorify God in all aspects of your life; may you continue to flourish in Him! I definitely find it a challenge to keep some balance in my life. My nature is to get absorbed in the interest of the moment, I think, but I try not to let whatever that may be become all-consuming. Thanks so much for following Apricosa! I think my blog is one of the ways I can keep balance...I'm a full time biology grad student, and Apricosa is a great reason for me to keep on doing the cooking and baking that gives me so much joy. :) Have a great day, Erica

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